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Annual Pregnancy Loss Ceremony held each October

Turkey Trot – This is our annual fundraiser.  We start raising funds and coordinating the event in September.  It culminates the Saturday after Thanksgiving.  It is a well-oiled machine with all the how-to’s already taken care of.  We just need volunteers to help us with various parts of the process.  Many hands make light work!

Office Assistance- There is always a need for someone to help out with writing thank you notes to our donors.  This is a very important part of maintaining our donor relationships. Helping to assemble information packets for clients is also a great way to contribute to the everyday needs here at the center.

Incentive Store-Sorting incoming donated items and keeping the store straight is an ongoing job.  Also, in the summer and the winter, we take all the clothing out and do a turnover for the present season.

Gardening-We love making Heart of the Hills – MOM Center look appealing and beautiful for our clients.  We want them to see that they are important to us, even before they enter our lovely facility.  We have a couple of shrubs out front that seem to grow before our eyes!  They need trimming when they get unruly, and some occasional weeding of the beds in front of the office.  It’s pretty minimal, but in our opinion, very important that it look nice and welcoming.

EMAILING Prayer Chain Intentions: We have established lists of different church groups in town who want to pray for our clients. This needs to be done monthly. This is a fulfilling job which actually gives these church women a connection to the lives of the people we serve, while maintaining the confidentiality of the client.

NEWSLETTER: We need to send out a quarterly newsletter. Someone who is passionate about and informed of what we do and has writing experience would be wonderful. We have a template set up already. We just need to get it ready to go to the printer and then do the labeling and preparation for mailing. This job makes a huge impact on out community showing how we minister to our clients.

SPEAKING ON BEHALF OF Heart of the Hills – MOM Center: If you have public speaking skills and are passionate about and informed of what we do, we NEED you!! This is an important skill for helping to raise the funds we need to continue to serve our clients.


Client Advocates are our highly trained volunteers who work side-by-side with clients throughout their pregnancy journey. Client Advocates form relationships of trust with the clients, offer them encouragement, support, and comfort in a loving and judgement free space.


Our Men’s Mentorship program is growing, and we need more mentors to help guide these men/fathers to be the men God intended them to be. The goal here, is to form relationships and be positive role models for these men, and to help them navigate life through a new lens, and see the potential God sees in them.

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