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Adoption could be an option for you. Even though it seems like a hard decision to make, adoption could be the best thing for your pregnancy.

Here is more information about adoption and what types of adoption plans you can choose from.

Is Adoption for Me?

No one ever feels ready for adoption, but know you’re not alone. Maybe you don’t feel financially or emotionally ready. Whatever you choose to do next, you will always be a mother. 

Adoption is a challenging decision to make but the decision is ultimately yours. It’s a journey of sacrifice and love that could be best for your child’s future.  

Adoption Plans

There are multiple adoption plans to choose from, allowing you to decide what kind of relationship you want with your child and the adoptive family if any.

Open Adoption

The most common type of adoption is open adoption. Open adoption allows you to have open communication with the adoptive family and exchange names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Both parties work together to schedule visits with one another and your child. It’s up to both parties to build the type of relationship they would like.

Closed Adoption

With a closed adoption, the adoptive family and birth mother remain private. The child’s birth certificate and identifying information are sealed after everything is finalized with the adoption. Some women who choose this adoption plan feel they receive some sort of closure.

Semi-open Adoption

With semi-open adoption, you have a blend of open and closed adoption. There is still communication between you and your child and the adoptive family, but only through the adoption agency or specialist of your choosing.  

The Adoptive Family

Choosing an adoptive family can be the most difficult part of an adoption, and there is an extensive process that the adoptive family goes through in order to become eligible.

Background checks, criminal checks, questionnaires, photos, and home studies are all completed before being matched with a potential child.

No reputable adoption attorney or agency will charge you for their services.

What’s Next?

Our team at Heart of the Hills is here to give you more information about your adoption option and how to move forward.

More on adoption stories at BRAVELOVE.ORG

Schedule a free and confidential options consultation today to learn more about your options.

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