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How Do Pregnancy Tests Work?

Understanding how pregnancy tests work can help you begin your pregnancy confirmation journey. Pregnancy tests detect a hormone called human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG). This pregnancy hormone is produced rapidly at the start of pregnancy and is detected in blood and urine. 

When enough of this hormone has built up, a pregnancy test will indicate a positive result. If no hCG is detected, the pregnancy test will result in a negative reading.

What Is hCG?

HCG is a hormone necessary for pregnancy and helps the uterus lining thicken and helps a growing embryo. This hormone also alerts the body to stop menstruation as it turns into pregnancy mode. 

First, the embryo produces HCG. Next, the placenta and levels rapidly climb in the first trimester until about week 10, when levels finally plateau and slowly decline until birth.

When DO I Take A Test?

To get the most accurate pregnancy test results, wait until the first day of your expected period. This waiting time will help give hCG levels enough time to build up and become detectable by the pregnancy test.

Also consider the time of day you’re taking the pregnancy test. Even though it can be taken at any point, hCG levels are more concentrated in the morning, during the first urination of the day. Testing at this time of the day will help you receive the most accurate results and hopefully avoid a false negative test.

Free Pregnancy Testing

Confirm your pregnancy with lab-quality pregnancy testing at our center today! False negative home pregnancy tests can happen, and though rare, false positives can happen due to faulty tests.

Once you’ve received a positive pregnancy test result, an ultrasound is next. An ultrasound can tell you more in-depth details about your pregnancy and what options are available to you.

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