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Help Create a Culture of Life and Transform The Future of Women and Families in our Community! Become a monthly Heart of the Hills Partner Today

HEARTBEAT TEAM – $35 a month

  •  Help reach one woman in need and provide critical life saving services.


  • Reach two vulnerable women
  • Provide initial life-saving resources

            – Pregnancy tests

            – Sonograms

            – STD/STI testing & treatment

            – Alternatives to abortion

            – Pregnancy education

HEART OF THE HILLS HERO – $140 a month

  • Sponsor one mom’s journey for an entire year

           – Provide initial pregnancy support

           – Supply essential items: diapers, clothing, crib, car seat, stroller.

DARE TO DREAM PARTNER – $280 a month

  • Help grant a “Miracle”
  • For every 2 DREAM pledges, you can provide hope for a brighter future.

One easy way you can help is to visit our Amazon Smile Donation Link. Amazon will donate to MOM Center 0.05% of any purchases you make, when you designate us as your charity of choice at the link below:

MOM Center

Amazon Registry

Please consider supporting Heart of the Hills by purchasing items off our Amazon registry to keep our MOM’s incentive boutique stocked with wonderful items essential for the health, development, and wellness of the moms and babies we serve. Our clients work hard taking classes to become loving, nurturing, and healthy parents; help us encourage them along their journey.

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Know my options.


My Partner Is Pressuring Me To Have An Abortion But I’m Not Sure

Are you experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and feeling anxious about the future? Maybe your partner is pressuring you to abort, but you aren’t sure if that’s the right option for you.  Educating yourself on all the options available can give you a sense of clarity and peace when deciding how to proceed with your pregnancy.

How an Adoption Plan Can Prevent Depression Caused by Abortion

Did you know abortion can impact your mental and emotional health? Some women will experience significant episodes of anxiety or depression following an abortion.  The good news is you have other options. Women who find themselves pregnant and unable to care for a child have the wonderful option of adoption.  Here’s a closer look at

Don’t Want Another Abortion?

The reasons women choose abortion are personal and varied. Experiencing another unexpected pregnancy may send some women seeking other solutions instead of a repeat abortion.  If that’s you, know you have alternatives to explore. Below is a brief overview of what making an adoption plan or parenting might look like for you.  Is Adoption Right