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Help Create a Culture of Life and Transform The Future of Women and Families in our Community! Become a monthly Heart of the Hills Partner Today

HEARTBEAT TEAM – $35 a month

  •  Help reach one woman in need and provide critical life saving services.


  • Reach two vulnerable women
  • Provide initial life-saving resources

            – Pregnancy tests

            – Sonograms

            – STD/STI testing & treatment

            – Alternatives to abortion

            – Pregnancy education

HEART OF THE HILLS HERO – $140 a month

  • Sponsor one mom’s journey for an entire year

           – Provide initial pregnancy support

           – Supply essential items: diapers, clothing, crib, car seat, stroller.

DARE TO DREAM PARTNER – $280 a month

  • Help grant a “Miracle”
  • For every 2 DREAM pledges, you can provide hope for a brighter future.

One easy way you can help is to visit our Amazon Smile Donation Link. Amazon will donate to MOM Center 0.05% of any purchases you make, when you designate us as your charity of choice at the link below:

MOM Center

Amazon Registry

Please consider supporting Heart of the Hills by purchasing items off our Amazon registry to keep our MOM’s incentive boutique stocked with wonderful items essential for the health, development, and wellness of the moms and babies we serve. Our clients work hard taking classes to become loving, nurturing, and healthy parents; help us encourage them along their journey.

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What Are The Common STIs Pregnant Women Should Be Tested For?

If you are sexually active, you need testing for sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Testing is crucial if you are pregnant, especially if you are planning to deliver. As routine care and following CDC recommendations, your OB/GYN will likely prescribe blood testing to test for chlamydia, gonorrhea, syphilis, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Some may also

When is the Best Time to Take A Pregnancy Test?

If you’ve had unprotected sex and worry you might be pregnant, you’re likely asking yourself when the right time to take a test is. Most at-home kits are meant to be taken after the first day of your missed period. Some kits even claim to deliver results days before your period, but timing is essential

What Are The Warning Signs of Infection After Abortion?

Did you know an abortion exposes women to certain risks and health complications? The most commonly reported complication following an abortion is infection which can be very serious if left untreated. Whether you’ve recently had an abortion or are just beginning to research the procedure, learning about the warning signs of an infection and other