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I first went to Heart of the Hills Pregnancy Resources when my family learned I was four months pregnant. I was seventeen and finishing my senior year of high school. Every week I attended classes and other groups; they always encouraged me and made me feel accepted and welcome. My baby boy is now one moth old, and I am still attending classes; I can honestly say that Heart of the Hills helped me learn how to be a mom. The other great thing is that you earn points for taking classes, that really helped me earn all the things I needed to prepare for my son.

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Why Talk to Us About Abortion?

An unplanned pregnancy means you have a big decision to make. No matter which option you choose, your life is forever changed. At Heart of the Hills, we provide free and confidential options counseling. Although we don’t provide or refer for abortion, we want you to have factual information so you can make a confident

How Can I Recover Emotionally After An Abortion?

Have you recently had an abortion? Some women handle an abortion just fine but others can really struggle with mental health issues after the procedure. Take a few minutes to learn how to best support your mental and emotional health if you’ve had an abortion or are planning to in the near future.  Don’t Push

3 Things Needed Before Abortion

Staring down at a positive pregnancy test can come as a shock. While you may have planned on having a child in the future, now doesn’t seem like the right time.  Abortion might have come to mind, even though it is banned in Texas. Before crossing state lines to seek an abortion, you can protect