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The reasons women choose abortion are personal and varied. Experiencing another unexpected pregnancy may send some women seeking other solutions instead of a repeat abortion. 

If that’s you, know you have alternatives to explore. Below is a brief overview of what making an adoption plan or parenting might look like for you. 

Is Adoption Right For Me?

Women who choose adoption will work closely with a local adoption agency. 

As the birth mother, you will have the ability to select the family that will raise and love your child. You also get to negotiate how much contact you wish to have with your child in the future. 

Open adoptions allow the birth mother to have contact with her child. Closed adoptions protect the birth mother’s privacy, and there is no information exchanged or contact made. 

Adoption can be a very redeeming and rewarding process. However, placing a child for adoption is never easy. Women who go through with an adoption report feelings of grief and sadness coupled with joy. 

Am I Ready to Parent? 

At first glance, many women might not feel adequately prepared to raise a child. But with the proper support and resources, parenting might be the right choice for you and your pregnancy. 

Finding a system of support is vital to having success in parenting. Heart of the Hills offers women parenting resources and educational classes to empower their journey into motherhood. 

Making A Plan 

Deciding how to move forward with an unexpected pregnancy is entirely up to you. Every option available will bring with it rewarding and challenging moments. Taking some time to learn more about adoption and parenting may help bring clarity on which path is best for you. 

At Heart of the Hills, women can get a no-cost pregnancy confirmation test, limited ultrasound, and even STI testing and treatment. Our center is a safe place to get the care and answers you deserve. Call us at 830-456-8840 to schedule an appointment today! 

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