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Staring down at a positive pregnancy test can come as a shock. While you may have planned on having a child in the future, now doesn’t seem like the right time. 

Abortion might have come to mind, even though it is banned in Texas. Before crossing state lines to seek an abortion, you can protect your health by visiting Heart of the Hills in Fredericksburg.
Here are three safety steps you can take:

1. Receive a Free Ultrasound

Before making any pregnancy-related decisions, step one is to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound scan. This will give you the necessary health details you cannot receive from a pregnancy test alone.

An ultrasound identifies three details: viability, gestational age, and location. Confirmation of these three vital pieces of information will help you evaluate the options available in your situation, and help identify if you require medically necessary action. such as treatment for a natural miscarriage or ectopic pregnancy.

2. STI Testing and Treatment

Even if you don’t have signs or symptoms of an infection, it’s a beneficial practice to get tested for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) regularly. Some STIs, like chlamydia, can be asymptomatic.

Untreated STIs can increase the risk of developing pelvic inflammatory disease (PID). Abortion disturbs the normal barrier created by the cervix, which can raise the risk of spreading existing STIs further into the reproductive system.

3. Evaluate Your Health History

Certain health conditions can make medical abortion no longer an option, such as having an IUD currently in place, certain bleeding disorders, or allergies to the medication.
Before choosing abortion, speaking with a health provider about your pre-existing conditions and current medications is critical to protect your safety.

Finding A Path Forward

At Heart of the Hills, we aim to assure women they are not alone during their unexpected pregnancies.
Our center provides free and confidential pregnancy tests, option counseling, ultrasounds, STI testing, and support as you navigate this unique time.
Contact us to schedule your appointment and protect your health and safety.

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