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A girl is considering options other than abortion.

Legally, you alone have control over the pregnancy path that you choose. If you are unexpectedly pregnant and want to learn more about alternative options to abortion, read this blog to understand adoption and parenting.


If you didn’t plan on becoming a parent or adding to your family before, it may be worth considering now. Some women choose to keep their pregnancies, while others opt for an abortion, and both paths can lead to fulfillment.

However, while it comes with its own set of rewards, parenting also comes with unique challenges that you must be realistic about. Use these questions to help evaluate if parenting is the right option for you: 

  • Support networks – Do I have the support system that I need? Do I have family, friends, or community organizations that could help provide childcare or help if or when I need it? 
  • Living situation – Do I have a safe and stable place to live with a baby, especially when they’re a newborn? 
  • Education and career – How would choosing parenthood affect my long-term goals and financial future? How can I continue to further my education or work towards career goals even after having a baby?  

You do not need to have all the answers right now. Whether parenting alone or with a partner, there are many programs to support women with unexpected pregnancies.


Adoption may provide options worth considering if you want to continue the pregnancy but cannot parent. Adoption processes are designed to meet prospective birth parents’ diverse needs and comfort levels.

There are some helpful terms to understand to evaluate the best option for your circumstances:

  • Open Adoption– You have an in-person relationship with your child and your chosen adoptive family. Open adoption makes up the majority of adoptions today.
  • Closed Adoption– You do not have a relationship with your child or adoptive family, and the courts seal details about you and the adoption.
  • Semi-Open Adoption– You communicate through the adoption agency of your choice to exchange non-identifying information with the adoptive parents. 

In addition to different levels of confidentiality, adoption agencies often assist with pregnancy/birth medical costs and living expenses.

Next Steps

If you are interested in either option, we offer free counseling at Heart of the Hills, where you can learn more about each one and receive support and resources. Every woman deserves a support system; we are here to provide the encouragement you need.

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