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Did you know abortion can impact your mental and emotional health? Some women will experience significant episodes of anxiety or depression following an abortion. 

The good news is you have other options. Women who find themselves pregnant and unable to care for a child have the wonderful option of adoption. 

Here’s a closer look at what the adoption process looks like and how choosing adoption can save you from experiencing depression after an abortion. 

Understanding Emotional Health Risks From Abortion

It is not commonly talked about, but one of the more serious risks of an abortion is experiencing episodes of mental illness weeks or even years after the procedure. 

A study from 2008 found that women with a history of mental illness are most at risk for experiencing feelings of grief, sadness, and loss after an abortion. 

Benefits of Adoption

Walking through an unplanned pregnancy can be equally as scary. It’s normal to have questions like: How am I going to finish school? Can I afford to raise a child? 

One of the benefits of choosing adoption is that it allows women to continue their career or education. Your hopes and dreams don’t have to change. 

Additionally, women who work with an adoption agency are typically offered financial support for housing, maternity clothes, and other basic care needs. 

Adoption can be very rewarding as well. As the birth mother, you get to feel the pride and joy of securing a life of love and happiness not only for your child but also for another family. 

Begin Again 

At Heart of the Hills, our desire is to empower you with the knowledge required for you to make an informed decision about your unplanned pregnancy. 

Our staff is dedicated to providing a professional and private environment to meet you where you are. Reach out to us at 830-456-8840 to continue the conversation about adoption or to learn more about the emotional effects of abortion. 

You are strong and brave. Begin again today. 

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